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WP Hide Pro best plugin to Increase Security WordPress

WP Hide Pro is a large development over Site Security in view that hackers’ internet scanners will now no longer discover any WordPress hint for your web page.

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WP Hide Pro

Over 99,99% of websites hacks are centered on assaults on particular plugins and issues vulnerabilities.

Since no WordPress plugins and issues are observed anymore, no hack arises even though web page the usage of exploitable code.

Wordpress hide plugins Features:

  • No documents and directories changes!
  • 100% well-matched with different Plugins & Themes.
  • WordPress MultiSite Compatible.
  • Theme Masking.
  • Compatible with any host/server.
  • Nginx Compatible.
  • Custom login URL.
  • HTML clean-up.
  • Individual Plugin URL customization.
  • Change WP Ajax calls.

Download WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin:

Version: 3.4.5

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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