WordPress SMS plugin: Ultimate Selection 2021

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WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin A complete integrated extension for WordPress site.From this article, it is clear that the ideal tool for promoting your business is the SMS marketing plugins.with premium features and options and forms that send Messages to the users, the admin, the customers or to any custom list of numbers.

There are many plugins that send the messages but only a few of them are premium.Also, many integrations with other plugins are available in the market and each one has its own Crons and Pros and certainly a list of options for these plugins.

A couple of these plugins as well, are compatible with SMS providers’ gateways and their APi’s . such as Twilio, The most popular Programmable SMS and API provider in the world.

What’s good about These plugins?

WordPress has a built in SMS plugin which makes it easy for users to send and receive SMS from their WordPress websites. To send SMS to a particular phone number from your WordPress site, first you have to gather the phone numbers from a list. You can add a phone list to your existing contact form or add a new phone number field to your register form. Once you begin building a list, you can easily send text messages, e-mails with a WordPress SMS plugin, and even confirmation & subscription messages to customers. A WordPress SMS plugin can also be used to integrate your WordPress store into your customer’s mobile app. The plugin can be used to show messages on your blog, a customer’s contact us page, or your customer’s list of subscriptions.

Apart from sending texts, you can also use a WordPress Plugin called Add-On SMS Pro to display images and videos as well as links on your website pages. These kinds of features make it possible for you to customize how your pages look. For instance, by using an Add-On SMS Pro plugin, you can display images of your products and/or the services you offer to customers. A powerful WordPress plugin is WordPress SMS Plugin

Check out the features, The options and the solutions here

Get WP SMS Pro

In this post, We’ll discuss how it works, why you may want to do it, and how to enable this type of notification with or without a plugin.However, you’ll need a WordPress SMS plugin or other mass text messaging platform to do so. The Benefits of Using a WordPress SMS Plugin 💸 Although we’ve covered the many uses of text messages for marketing and notifications, its true benefits become clearer when you look at the relevant statistics. As we said earlier, you’ll need a WordPress SMS plugin or comparable platform to start sending mass texts to subscribers.

You won’t have to bounce back and forth between platforms, making your workflow more efficient. 10 WordPress SMS Text Message Plugins 🏅 Whatever your goals when it comes to sending text messages with WordPress, there’s an SMS plugin that will help you accomplish them.

Once you have your account, integrating the two platforms in WordPress is fairly intuitive: It also includes a variety of helpful features for keeping track of form submissions and engaging your customers , such as: Automated notifications sent to you via text whenever someone completes or form or makes payment Bitly integration for creating short links that won’t eat up your 160 character limit Integration with the Gravity Forms PayPal extension to send payment notifications to your customers Gravity Forms is a premium-only plugin , and licenses start at $59 per year.


How to Send/Receive SMS Notifications with WordPress SMS plugins

Send SMS straight to clients when their online order status changes and get SMS notifications when a client places a new online order with Twilio SMS gateway and this WordPress Plugin. It s the perfect way to provide clients with information on their recent order. You can also use the plugin to send your customers special offers and discounts on your products or services. To set up the plugin to send your clients with notifications, just follow these few steps. To send the SMS with Twilio, you have to go to Settings and then activate the Twilio notification integration from WordPress.

Non-profits can create text message reminders regarding upcoming events or opportunities to donate.

Notifications about upcoming membership site or other subscription renewals can be via text message with a direct link to the renewal page.

Even so, WordPress SMS plugins have their upsides , including: Easy integration with plugins such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and more Streamlined text message creation using the familiar WordPress interface The ability to quickly send links to your latest post using tags Tracking and analytics visible right in your WordPress dashboard Managing your SMS marketing and notifications through WordPress keeps all your key information integrated and in one place .

What about the Best WordPress SMS Plugins

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is a fully integrated plugin for the WordPress website.WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin is very easy to install and use.
Final Thoughts on WordPress SMS Plugins So now you know SMS Marketing Plugin is the best tool to grow your business.
By using SMS Marketing Plugins you will remove the communication gap and you can target the mass number of people with just one click.

However, there are a few potential perks to choosing this option over the other.
This premium option includes access to all the available SMS gateways and plugin integrations, as well as lifetime updates and ticketing support.

One option is to add a field in the account creation form for your customers to complete with their phone numbers.

Another option is by having customers and potential customers make the first move by sending a keyword relevant to your business (such as ‘SHOES’ or ‘TICKETS’) via SMS to a shortcode phone number (a simple 5-digit number like ‘22333′).

Another option is by making a form available at physical stores where they can provide their phone number at the checkout counter.

If you are interested in creating forms and having the information input through text messages this is a great option.
WordPress SMS Another option for boosting your business: with WordPress SMS you can manage subscribers and groups, schedule SMS, send SMS newsletters and it supports unicode.

This is a great option for those who are looking for the freedom to choose their SMS provider. 10.

Pro Addons for WP SMS

Integration with other plugins is also possible in WP SMS Pro version.with lot of new options and features to send SMS messages to the users and customers while targeting the groups of subscribers through the Opt-in Newsletter widget form.

These features are combined with more premium addons for popular WordPress plugins, like WooCommerce integration addon, Contact Form 7, and much more. Check out the full list of WP SMS Addons here.

Professional support & ticketing More supported gateways (listed above) Integrations with more plugins as listed below: Integration with BuddyPress: You can add mobile number fields to the profile page, send SMS to users when they’re mentioned in a post, and send SMS to users when they comment on a post.

The Admin forms work like triggers for the plugins’ actions, so the admin can set in the forms in the backend what trigger should be fired when the action runs in these plugins. It’s a kind of automation of the whole system through these plugins’ options.

WooCommerce SMS Plugin : Case Study

WooCommerce for example is one of the most popular shop and e-commerce WordPress plugins. So the team of WP SMS Plugin at wpsms.io have created a special addon for it.

Many people may wonder what is the difference between a Woocommerce in terms of sending SMS. Actually, both Woocommerce have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you are choosing a website that offers these plugins to send SMS to customers or sellers, you need to make sure that you are choosing a site that has great customer support and security. There is one common mistake of people who are using these plugins to send SMS to customers. Most of them do not use the correct parameter settings when they are sending the messages. In this article, I will explain the different features of both the Woocommerce plugins to send SMS to customers and subscribers.

Also,So you can send SMS to your newsletter subscribers or your users and get their attention to your site and products.

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