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WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher

In case you have a WooCommerce store, the WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin permits your clients to switch among monetary forms and assists your store with tolerating installments in multi-money.

WooCommerce Multi Currency
WooCommerce Multi-Currency – Currency Switcher

The conversion standard can be set up physically or naturally. The module can naturally get clients’ geolocation and show the cost in the clients’ local money.

is an unquestionable requirement to have a module for you

The module is adaptable with numerous cash choices for front-end show, update trade rates choice:

  • Auto-update conversion scale: The module naturally refreshes trade rates. You can set the ideal opportunity for the programmed update: like clockwork, 60 minutes, 6 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, multi-week, multi-month.
  • Fruitful update conversion scale email: The module will send a warning email at whatever point it refreshes the swapping scale.
  • Set the conversion scale physically: The module likewise permits you to set up the swapping scale physically.
  • Trade charge: Every time you trade cash starting with one cash then onto the next, the bank or cash move administrator might apply a money trade expense. The distinction between the conversion standard they choose to apply and the genuine swapping scale exchanged in the market is the cash trade charge. WooCommerce multi currency permits you to add super durable trade expenses to trade rates.
  • Value designing: Config how costs are shown toward the front. Model: $100; $ 100; 100,00$; 100.00$ …
  • Custom cash image: You can custom money images. Model: United States Dollar can be shown as USD, US$, $…
  • Fixed Price: WooCommerce multi currency permits you to set up custom costs in various monetary standards for each item. The decent costs will overwrite the costs determined by trade rates.
  • Secret Currency: The module permits you to conceal monetary standards that you would rather not be displayed toward the front.
  • Select money conversion standard cut-off: You can choose to refresh the swapping scale from VillaTheme.com, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance. More conversion scale servers will be included in what’s to come.
  • Use SESSION: The module will utilize the meeting rather than treats to save the chosen cash.
  • Cash Price Switcher: A switcher shows up under the item cost. Permit clients to switch the cost between monetary standards.


WooCommerce Multi Currency can consequently distinguish clients’ local money dependent on their nation or language.

Significant: Please observe that the auto-identify province elements may not work as expected with sites/servers that have a reserve.

  • Detect currency based on customers’ country: The plugin will detect customers’ country based on their IP address, then select their currency to display prices.

Note: This choice can be applied to distinguish at the nation level, not working for states or territories and districts inside a country.

  • Money by country: You can choose which cash will be shown to clients from which country.
  • Inexact Price: With this component, costs will be shown in the default money. In any case, under that, there will be estimated costs that are shown in the client’s local money. Assist clients with knowing how costly/modest items are.
  • Auto-select cash based on Polylang language: The module will choose money to show costs based on your site language. For instance, there are 2 dialects on your site English and Spanish, you can choose to show costs in GBP on the English site and in EUR on the Spanish site.
  • Auto-select cash based on WPML language: Similar to Polylang, yet costs will be chosen dependent on WPML’s language.


WooCommerce multi-currency permits you to choose checkout monetary standards. You can choose at least one checkout monetary standard.

Significant: Please observe that to show an installment door on the checkout page, that installment passage should uphold your default money. Model: If you have South African Rand ZAR as your default cash, then, at that point, you can’t empower PayPal on your checkout page. Since PayPal doesn’t uphold ZAR, regardless of whether you utilized multi-currency to change ZAR to USD toward the front.

  • Permit multi-cash installment: Customers can buy in their chosen money. To utilize this element, you want an installment passage empowered on your site that upholds the client chose cash.
  • Chosen look at monetary standards: The module permits you to choose to look at monetary standards. For instance, you can show costs in 4 unique monetary standards on your shop yet acknowledge installment in 2 monetary forms as it were.
  • Show installment techniques dependent on cash: You can choose which installment door will show up on the checkout page dependent on the money.
  • Checkout Currency on Cart page: Change the money on the Cart page to look at cash.
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Version: 2.1.28

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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