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Streamz – A music streaming website with an admin panel

Streamz offers all the necessary functions that any website in the current network can satisfy. Follow all requirements to meet the user’s needs.

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Streamz Features:

  • Admin Panel with PHP
  • Custom Music Player
  • Over 20 Pages
  • User Interface Material Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Customize
  • Super First Class Code
  • Well Commented Code
  • Basic Setup Knowledge
  • Equip with everything up to date Features
  • Artist Trac Don’t forget the problem on the artist network website solved
  • The audio loading validation problem solved
  • The shutter problem solved Description Tooltip
  • Continuous music playback added to the About us website
  • Fixed problem for audio link type loading
  • Folder -Change structure
  • Problem with the rendering of texts solved
  • Listen no forgotten
  • Integration Format problem for iOS device solved (update document public element> style.css)
  • Problem solved when displaying information on the start page
  • Close the button when troubleshooting with smaller devices en
Scriptatly wordpress
Scriptatly wordpress

streamz script download

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