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How to get started with Jannah News – Newspaper Magazine News AMP Buddypress?

Jannah News is a new project launched by a group of young entrepreneurs who want to change the way news is delivered to its readers. They believe that the current model is outdated and inefficient, and they aim to provide a better service at a much lower cost.

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Jannah News is a free newspaper magazine that allows its readers to share their opinions and interact with each other through comments, polls, and forums. The goal is to create a community where everyone feels welcome and respected.

Jannah Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP by TieLabs | ThemeForest

Jannah has Content Marketing covered! Their websites are built using the latest web standards, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Jannah also offers responsive design templates, custom themes, and unlimited hosting options. Jannah provides lifetime free updates.

Powerful Reasons to Chose Jannah

A year ago, TieLabs launched Sahifa, a news theme that quickly became the No1 selling WordPress theme. Since then, we’ve added many great features including mobile navigation, responsive images, social sharing and push notifications. We also improved our mega menu system to give you even more options. Now, Sahifa is ready to help your site stand out from the crowd!

Online Publishing Reimagined for WordPress

Jannah is an online magazine designed for bloggers, writers, designers and other creatives looking for a fresh approach to creating beautiful, responsive websites. Jannah offers a unique combination of features including a clean, minimalist design, easy navigation, and a simple user interface. Jannah also includes advanced functionality like custom widgets, drag & drop page builders, and fully customizable layouts. Jannah is built using HTML5 and CSS3, making it compatible across all major browsers.

Responsive for Today’s Modern Devices

Jannah has a fully responsive website that adapts to all of the current devices out there. It also appears to understand what you need and will present the information in an easy to read format. You can easily navigate through the site using the menus at the top or bottom of the page.


Your website will load fast on any device, anywhere, because it is optimized for mobile devices. Your site will also be fully compatible with the AMP project, so you’ll get all the benefits of AMP, including fast loading times, easy sharing, and a great user experience.

SEO Optimized

Jannah is an all-in-one WordPress theme that offers everything you need to create stunning websites. Jannah is optimized for SEO, and includes features like custom widgets, shortcodes, and post formats. You can also easily customize your site using the Theme Options panel.

High Performance Blazing Speeds

Jannah is an all-in-one solution for web development. It includes features like lazy loading, minification, and compression. These features help you get fast page loads and reduce the overall file sizes of your JavaScript files.

Minify CSS resources – remove all whitespace, line breaks, etc. Built-in caching to reduce database queries. Compatible with popular caching plugins like WP Super Cache.

bbPress Integration

WordPress Discussion Forum is an industry best practice solution for WordPress. You can rest assured that you will be able to setup discussion forums inside your WordPress site easily. It‘s easy to moderate, clean and fast and is managed from the single central account.

PreSkinned Demos

Jannah is an online skin shop that offers a wide range of free and premium skins for your favorite games. You can choose from hundreds of free skins and then customize them any way you like. If you need something special, you can buy a custom skin for just $1.99. All skins are available in different sizes, colors and styles.

Almost Font Options

Jannah is an online font manager that includes over 1,000 free fonts, plus 150+ premium fonts available for purchase. You won’t need to download anything or install any software. Everything is already built in.

GIF Support

GIFs are an important part of online content. They are easy to share, embed and add to your site. But if you’re not supporting them, you could lose out on traffic and engagement. Jannah supports GIFs natively, meaning you won’t need any plugins or extensions. You’ll get a great user experience and a boost in engagement.

Customizable Layouts

Create a unique design using any of our layouts. You can choose from a full width, boxed, masonry, or standard column layout. Your choice will determine how your website looks and feels.

JumpTo Contents

Adding hotspot links to your content allows users to jump directly to a specific section within your page. These links are often placed at the top of each section and help visitors navigate through your site. You can also add a link to your homepage if you’d like to direct traffic there.

Ajax Mega Menus

A really great menu is key with a big site full of tons of awesome content. A good menu will entice visitors to stay around, look at other sites and feel like they know exactly where they are at all time. With our AJAX powered mega menus leave no stone unturned. Dynamic ranges of exciting menu options are sure to exceed your expectation.

Mobile Navigation

Create an engaging experience for users with our mobile navigation. Choose a background color, social icons and search form. You can also change the colors of each element individually.

Select and Share

Jannah is an AI powered social media platform that allows users to interact with each other through text, images, videos and audio. Users can also create their own posts and upload them directly to the network. Jannah offers a number of features including: –

• Social networking

• Chatting

Email Marketing

Jannah is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create beautiful emails, manage your contacts, send out campaigns, track opens and clicks, and even integrate with third party services like Mailchimp and Feedburner! You can also add custom fields and segment your lists.

Parallax Effects Video Backgrounds

A landing page should be engaging and motivating. To achieve this, it needs to be visually appealing and have a clear call to action. A great way of doing this is with a live page – scrolling backgrounds or full page backgrounds that move with content.

One Click Import with Demo Content

Jannah has a full suite of tools available to help you create beautiful websites. Whether you’re looking for a clean, modern website or something with a bit more personality, we have a demo that will showcase what you’ve got. Once you’ve found your perfect demo, you can import it directly into your site using our One-Click Demo Importer. You’ll be up and running in minutes!

Dedicated Advertiser Space

Jannah is optimized for WordPress, so you can easily add a shop or sell any kind of product. You can also create an online store using WooCommerce. There are specific pre-defined areas for ads!

Adsense is an advertising network owned by Google. It allows publishers to monetize their websites through displaying advertisements. Publishers earn money when users click on those ads. However, not everyone can get approved for Adsense because there are many restrictions. For example, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid credit card, and own the domain name of the website. You also cannot put any other type of advertisement on your site. If you meet the requirements, then you will receive approval within 24 hours. Once you receive approval, you can start earning money immediately.

Unique BuddyPress Design

Jannah is an all-in-one WordPress theme designed specifically for BuddyPress. It comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. You can customize the layout, colors, fonts and even add custom widgets to really personalize your site. All of our themes come with a clean and modern design to give you a great looking website that will help you grow your community.

+ Premade Demos

We offer an extensive range of pre-designed templates that allow you to create a beautiful website quickly and easily. Each template comes with a full set of pages, menu structure and demo content ready to go. You can add your own content and style it however you like. We also provide a simple drag and drop editor to help you get started. Our templates are easy to customize and update.

Unlimited Header Styles

Jannah is an online platform that allows users to create custom headers for any website. These headers can be made using templates provided by the site owner or user. Users can also upload their own images to create unique designs. Jannah offers a free version of its service, which includes 50 free templates, unlimited image uploads, and basic analytics. Paid plans start at $9 per month.

Instagram Widget

Jannah’s Instagram Widget allows you to select from different layouts to fit your needs. Simply add your handle, select the layout you like best and tell us where to put it. No coding required!

Amazing Page Builder

Jannah is an all-in-one WordPress theme designed for those looking to create beautiful websites quickly and easily. It features a clean and modern layout, with a large focus on typography and usability. It comes with a built-in page builder, allowing you to build any type of website using pre-designed elements. You can also choose from different colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

With all of the features you need right at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to start a blog today. You can even get started for free! Just sign up for a free account. Once you’re logged in, you can create an unlimited number of posts and pages, add custom widgets, and edit any post or page using your favorite text editor.

Powerful Easy to Use Theme Options

Jannah is a free WordPress theme designed specifically for bloggers and small businesses. It is built using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It comes with a drag & drop page builder called “TieLabs”. You will love the Theme Options panel in J Hannah because it allows you to change everything about your site including colors, fonts, sidebars, widgets, etc. You can also add custom post types, create unlimited pages, and even customize your logo and favicon.

Translation Ready

Jannah is fully compatible with the WPML multilingual plugin, so you can create multilingual websites. You can translate the theme easily through the built-in Translation Panel. Jannah is designed to be translated into any language, even if you don’t speak the language.

Stunning Video Playlists

Rack em up and offer a beautiful block that is easy to access and intuitive to use. Your users will never have to leave your website again!

Animated Weather Widget

Our weather widget is beautiful and easy to use. Just add your location and you will see the forecast for today, tomorrow and next week. You can also choose to view hourly forecasts. We’ve made it simple to get started. Simply click “Add Location” and select your city. Then just wait for the forecast!

Web Notifications

Jannah is a web application that allows you to create an online store, sell products, manage inventory, and accept payments all through a single platform. You can also add custom features like social media sharing buttons, product reviews, and ratings. All of this is done through the use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.

Custom Widgets

Sometimes setting your desired Widget is just a tedious necessity. Which is why we took the hassle out of Jannah for your with a series of pre-styled custom widgets, which we are sure will tick all of your boxes! All designed to sit beautifully inside of your chosen design.

Jannah lets you choose from 12 different social counters, widgets and post lists to create an irresistible homepage design. You can also add custom counters like followers, likes, comments, shares, etc.

Post List Widget – Show recent posts, popular posts, and other widgets with a single click.

Advanced Ecommerce with WooCommerce Extended

Jannah is an online shop builder designed specifically for WooCommerce. Built using WordPress, WooCommerce and PHP, Jannah allows you to create your own online store quickly and easily. You can choose from hundreds of themes and plugins to customize your site exactly how you like it. Whether you’re looking for a basic theme or a fully customizable design, we’ve got you covered. We also offer free updates for all our products, so you’ll always have access to the latest version. If you ever run into any problems, our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

Jannah is an online marketplace for buying and selling products. You can buy and sell anything you like, including physical goods, digital goods, services, and even other businesses. Your items will be listed on the site and you’ll receive payment within 24 hours. Once you’re ready to ship, we’ll handle everything else. We’ll send your item(s) directly to our warehouse, pack them safely, and then deliver them to your customer. You won’t need to worry about any shipping costs, taxes, or fees. All you need to do is list your items and wait for customers to purchase them.

Features List

AMP is an open source project that allows webpages to load lightning fast using JavaScript. It also provides a standard API that developers can use to integrate AMP pages into other websites. AMP pages load quickly because they’re stripped down versions of normal HTML pages. They contain fewer graphics, videos, and other elements that slow down page loading.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you sell products online. You can add your own products, import products from external stores, and manage orders and payments through your site. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress, making it easy to create a beautiful storefront.

BuddyPress is a social networking plugin for WordPress. It helps users keep track of friends, family, coworkers, and groups. Users can post messages, upload photos, share links, and join discussions. BuddyPress is free and open source software.

WPML is a WordPress multilingual plugin compatible with all major browsers and devices. It supports multiple languages at once. WPML also includes built-in translation panel, animated weather widgets, gif support, bundled premium plugins, stunning video playlists, web notifications, responsive google adsense, dark skin, schema seo rich snippet microdata, sticky navigation menu, custom categories logo colors and background, multiple page posts, sticky sidebars, unlimited sidebar, supports multiple page posts, custom categories logo colors, backgrounds and styles.

BreadCrumbs allow users to navigate through your website easily. You can add breadcrumbs to any page on your site and customize them to match your brand. Breadcrumbs are also useful for SEO purposes.

Update History

Note: If you still see the old version after clearing your cache, please contact us via our Contact Us form.

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