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The coupon website has now become a necessity for businesses. This allows targeted local advertising, including a customer database that can be used according to customer location and thus promote offers in the region to a large local audience to acquire more buyers who are even more likely to become regular customers.

This is a website where customers can find the best promo codes … which generates viral dissemination on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and allows companies to take advantage of massive communication to increase the brand and a promotion on social networks that will play in their favor!
You should know that everyone is looking for good deals! Nowadays, customers are determined to find and publish the best coupon deals.

Creating a coupon site is a very interesting and profitable project, provided you use the right technical tools, as is the case for WPcoupony which is a complete theme, and opt for coupon marketing adapted to the business.
WordPress: The best solution to create your coupon project
Creating a coupon website is not that difficult. It is important to opt for a solution that is accessible to all, and does not require great performance in development, coding or design in general.

• Start with a good brand strategy
Any project must start with a brand. The choice of the domain name of your website is a very important step for your project, it is your digital brand. Do not hesitate to start a search for all the keywords that may be related to your business idea.
Your domain name should immediately make you think of your activity, and it must be short and simple to remember so as not to forget it too. This will save you customers who return regularly … what happiness!

• Web hosting
Web hosting is a compulsory step. You must rent a space from a company dedicated to this, which offers services according to your needs. There are several types of accommodation, it is up to you to choose what suits you best.

• Design your coupon website with WordPress
WordPress is an efficient and easy-to-use solution that will perfectly meet the needs of your web project. Besides being easy to install and simple to use, WordPress is the most renowned Content Managing System for creating your coupon website. Choosing your CMS is a great advantage for you! that plays a lot on SEO friendly which is essential for your web project.

You can edit as you see fit, and access a large community of developers and bloggers.

Use WPCoupony for the creation of your website

WPCoupony is a comprehensive theme that allows you to get a ready-to-use daily trading site quickly, including quick setup, free update as the product evolves and an Advanced Plugin options … one thing is sure, you will quickly be focused on your sales!
In order to find a place in a fairly competitive market, WPcoupony is offered with all the features you need for launching your coupon and promo-code activity.

The theme integrates perfectly with the Woocommerce plugin, also allowing a clear and simple display of coupons. The modern and clean appearance of your website will allow you to put customers at ease, and thus guarantee their return.

Like any project manager, you will be interested in the payment system integrated into the WPcoupony theme; in addition to affiliation, you can charge users for the list of coupons on your site.

Responsive: the theme is perfectly responsive, thus adapting to all screens (mobile and web).
Statistics: a statistical system is proposed with the theme, allowing to distinguish the most popular coupons, and this by following the number of daily and total views that your coupons receive.
Assessment: WPcoupony is offered with an intelligent rating system. This system will allow you to properly target your sales.
Advanced search: the theme includes the advanced search function, allowing you to dig deeper to find what you need (categories, store names and even specific offers).
Control: you have a submission form, mandatory before the coupons are published by users.
Types of coupons: you have three types of coupons: coupon code (online code, used when paying), online offer (this takes the sales page), printable coupon (in store).
Hide coupons: the theme automatically hides your coupon and store affiliate links.

In addition to being responsive, a unique design, WPcoupony is offered with features and options that allow you to easily manage your website. Personalization is possible on WPcoupony (all custom fields are organized and labeled in a single panel), with the possibility of modifying coupons from the administration area.

You control your communication with your customers, through your own personalized email templates. You should know that for an online business of this kind, the use of social networks is an imperative. Sharing via Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter will make the difference, and will allow you to benefit from mass communication, which will lead you to a good address book.

With WPcoupony, you have several advertising spots that allow you to easily make additional income. All marketing techniques are good to take …. so do not hesitate to use Remarketing to relaunch customers who have already visited your platform, subscribe to the newsletter / email or also relaunch the abandoned basket.

If you want a unique customer experience, it’s simple: WPcoupony is for you! You are in control of your web project, with the functionality it needs and a large number of useful options for monetizing website offers.

A complete, simple, fully responsive, modern and clean theme is available to you … WPcoupony is just an excellent choice.

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