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ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

ACF Frontend Form Element Pro for your users so that they can edit content from the frontend themselves. ACF Frontend Element can provide high-quality, clear, and manageable websites.

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ACF Frontend Form
ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

ACF Front End Form Element Pro Plugin Features:

  • Provide the end-user with the best content management experience without opening the ACF or Elementor documentation. Everything is ready to go here.
  • Allow your users to edit posts through your site interface without having to access the WordPress dashboard.
  • Allow your users to post new posts through the user interface by using the New Post action.
  • Allow users to easily edit their user data via the user interface.
  • Let new users register on your site with a built-in user registration form! You can even hide the WordPress dashboard from these new users.
  • Select which users have access to the WordPress administration area.
  • Choose who sees your form based on user role or specific users.
  • Display the form in a modal window that opens when a button is clicked so it doesn’t take up space on your pages.
  • If you have global data such as header and footer data, you can use ACF to create an options page and let your users edit through the user interface.
  • Prevent all or certain users from submitting the form more than once.
  • Configure the e-mails to be sent and map the form data that will be displayed in the e-mail fields, e.g. B. e-mail address,
  • sender address, theme, and message.
  • Use Elementor to design forms and modal windows and buttons.
  • Make your forms more attractive by adding multiple steps.
  • We’re adding built-in fields for Woocomerce products. Allow your users to add your products through the user interface!
Scriptatly wordpress
Scriptatly wordpress

ACF Frontend Pro Free Download:

Version: 3.4.5

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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