19 Mind-Blowing Present Ideas For Photographers, Marketers & Designers In Summer 2019

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Beyond doubt, technologies have improved the lives of modern people. Take social media, it helps us learn about the latest trends and news just by opening an app in one’s phone. Most likely, you have a few social apps installed on your mobile, and Instagram is one of them. By 2019, this app has garnered the audience of one billion monthly users. Chances are you might be among them.

Over the years of its existence, Instagram got invaded by plenty of low-quality content. Still, this social platform has many useful things creative professionals could implement in their day to day job. It can be effectively used for both inspiration and networking, so UI/UX designers, typographers, programmers, and marketers go on Instagram with their creative portfolios.

If you want to master a creative profession that’s in high demand, we’re providing you with the tools to begin your journey. Whether you’re looking to become a UI/UX designer, typographer, or stock photographer, or just want to network with fellow nerds, you’ve come to the right place!

How To Become A UI/UX Designer Or Illustrator In 2019?


If you want to try your hand in UI/UX design, it’s good to know where to start your journey. In 2019, things change pretty fast, so having a credible guide on how to become UI/UX designer would be a benefit. In the linked post, you’ll find a comprehensive tutorial written by professionals in the field of UI/UX design. All you need to do is follow 8 steps to figure out the tricks of the trade. You’ll find out more about the skills evaluated in the sphere of user interface design, learn the insights on employment and much more. Don’t hesitate to click the link and see the post!


In case you’re more into drawing and illustration, in 2019, there are plenty of opportunities for you to develop as a creative professional. Take a closer look at how to become an illustrator career guide to find your own niche. In the linked post, you’ll access 15 steps to help you start a mind-blowing career as an illustrator.

Tutorials and guides are cool, but having someone who understands the inner workings of a chosen profession is a benefit. Bonding with fellow professionals will save you from making mistakes. Whether you’re doing professional networking on or off social media, it’s breaking the ice with a gift is always a great idea! Fortunately, today we have a privilege of choosing which gifts to present – material or digital ones.

Presents All Graphic Designers Want To Get In 2019

Let’s start with a list of the most-desired gift ideas for graphic designers in 2019. Put together by professionals for their colleagues, this post contains options that will make a great gift for UI/UX designers and illustrators. Whether it’s stationery, gadgets, books or even plants – they won’t leave a designer indifferent. Meanwhile, here are a few options for digital presents:

630 Paint Backgrounds – $15


60 Hexagon Backgrounds – $7

Wild West Graphic Collection -$15


How To Become A Photographer In 2019?


Photographers need a powerful creative urge to be in demand. With so much competition in the field, becoming a great photographer is a real challenge. In case you’re only making first steps on the path to become a lensman, these online photography courses will come in handy. A professional photographer like Annie Leibovitz, university lecturers, and camera manufacturers are happy to share tricks of the trade.


Those who have been in the business for a while and are interested in monetizing their work will be happy to learn how to become a stock photographer. The linked post contains plenty of insights on stock photography plus sound advice on selling stock images online and in person.

Presents All Photographers Want To Get In 2019


If you’re looking for unique gifts any photographer secretly wants to get, MasterBundles are here to help. It’s no secret, photographers are busy people. So, 100% of the time they’ll be happy to get something to optimize their work process. Check out the collection of over 100 one-of-a-and gift ideas for photographers in 2019. Best accessories, lenses kits, flying cameras – everything’s there at photographers’ disposal. As for the digital gifts, here’s a bunch of exquisite present options:

Fog Photo Overlays Bundle – $8


50 Stunning Sky Overlays – $8


150 Summer Love Lightroom Presets – $9

86 Butterflies Photo Overlays – $8

How To Become A Typographer In 2019?

If you’re into freehand drawing, typefaces, and fonts, you might be appealed with a typographer’s career path. In 2019, custom and handwritten fonts are implemented as design elements in various types of projects. Being able to create a new typeface and sell it to potential customers, requires not only skill but also knowledge. So, this typographer career guide possessed all the precious nuggets of wisdom to teach you how to start as a type designer and sell your fonts online. Just follow the 23 steps in the guide.

Warm up your inspiration with a bunch of font examples below:

Calligraphic Font Bundle – $12


Retro Font Hadsut – $10

105 Professional Text Effects – $19


Steampunk Alphabet Font – $9



Presents All Marketers Want To Get In 2019


Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with a marketing professional. With useful advice and recommendations given by a pro marketer, boosting your creative portfolio on the web will be easy as pie. Today, marketers are used to juggling their responsibilities being a bit of a designer, a copywriter, and even a web developer. To get a great friendship started, select social media templates you could give to a marketing professional:

Free Instagram Profile Checklist – FREE



400 Instagram Post And Stories Template – $12


Travel Instagram Templates Bundle – $18


Business Infographics: PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS and AI – $25


If you’re seeking a peculiar gift to suit a specific personality, check the list of gift ideas for marketers. It doesn’t matter if your friend is an egghead, a techie, or a stationery nerd, the linked post contains the items to make all of them happy. Among the 30+ gift options, you will find gadgets, books & stationery, clothing items, etc. for any occasion.

Presents All Nerds Want To Get In 2019

Copywriters, web developers and designers, marketers and other nerds love getting gifts. Whether it’s St. Valentine’s Day or Independence Day, a greeting with a gift will be a pleasant surprise. Fortunately, we have a list of options to suit each and every need. Let’s start with a collection of over 50 Valentine’s Day gifts for nerds! These gift options cater to different tastes and budget, as well as they fit on different occasions. Just take a look at a few little things to give to your beloved nerd:

42 CHARTS Infographics: PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS, AI, JPEG – $25


Royal Print Templates Bundle with 170 Items – Only $19


300+ Real Skin Retouch Tools – $15



Professional Resume Template – $9



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