08 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates 2018


Creating a professional looking dashboard for your website or app needn’t be expensive. Thanks to this collection of the best free Bootstrap admin templates you should be able to find a suitable user interface (UI) toolkit for your project.

All of these tools include at least one pre-built dashboard homepage template that can be customized and used as the foundation for your own project. While creating your custom dashboard, you can choose from the selection of components, elements, and cards available in the template packs.

Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables are just some of the features you can add to your admin pages. Some templates include animation effects and other UI elements to help make your dashboard more attractive. They’re also all mobile responsive so they should work on large and small screen displays. However, thanks to the online demos, you can try them for yourself on your choice of devices to see if they meet your requirements.

Many of these free dashboard templates are also available as paid products with extra features and functionality on offer to those with money to spend. Thanks to this, if the needs of your project grow or your budget increases in the future, you’ll have a clear upgrade path available to you. However, if your project demands a more capable option from the outset, be sure to check out our collection of the best premium Bootstrap admin templates.

For those getting started though, this collection of the best free admin templates will help you launch your project without any financial investment required.

 1. CoreUI


CoreUI is a free Bootstrap admin template that will help you create stylish yet functional user interfaces.

Whatever type of project you’re working on, there’s a good chance the free CoreUI template could be a good match. Not only does CoreUI work with a wide variety of libraries, including Laravel, Angular, and React, but is also has a thoroughly modern design and appearance.

The selection of demos show off CoreUI in a range of configurations, helping you to get a sense of how your dashboard could look if you choose this Bootstrap admin template. If you do opt for CoreUI, you’ll be able to add a wealth of widgets and panels to your dashboard. Some of the options include a traffic chart that can be filtered by custom date ranges, social media statistics, sales figures, user data, and much more.

The library of components that ship with CoreUI is another good reason to check out this user interface builder. Thanks to these components, you can easily add a range of buttons, card styles, forms, switches, and tabs to your custom user interfaces. Font Awesome Icons, as well as Simple Line Icons integrations, mean you’re never short of options for adding this type of graphics to your dashboards. Those who need to create charts for their admin areas are just as well catered to by the CoreUI package.

The CoreUI team also has four premium admin templates available, however, this one is completely open source and free to use.

2. Light Bootstrap Dashboard


Light Bootstrap Dashboard has been designed to assist you in launching your own custom admin panel.

Despite being a free download, the Light Bootstrap Dashboard will help you create a premium looking admin area. Due to its flexible nature, you can easily set the backgrounds of the panel to display images. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom color scheme to match your brand. Other ways that you can ensure your control panel has a premium look are the subtle menu animations, the library of 202 icons, and the varied typography settings.

With Light Bootstrap Dashboard, you can also make use of multiple notification styles to give your admin panel an interactive feel. Whether you want to alert your users through the menus or add notification panels to the dashboard itself, this free Bootstrap template gives you the option.

If you need to display a lot of data in our dashboards, this template could be a good option. Thanks to the selection of table list styles, you should have no problem presenting your data in this format or by using the colorful graph widgets. Overall, with 4 customized plugins, 16 handcrafted widgets, and 4 example pages, Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a solid option for creating your own custom admin user interface.

Like many of the free Bootstrap admin templates featured here, there is a Pro version of Light Bootstrap Dashboard available should you need access to more features and functionality.




Lumino provides you with a set of mobile responsive templates that are ready to be customized for your project.

With a clean and modern design, Lumino should appeal to anyone who wants to create an uncluttered dashboard for their project. Customizing the Lumino designs shouldn’t be a problem for anyone familiar with the Bootstrap framework or SASS. Adjusting the colors, changing the fonts, and modifying the general appearance of your admin dashboard is all straightforward enough with Lumino.

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme and overall style for your dashboard, it’s time to start adding widgets to your admin area. Although not a match for some of the premium Bootstrap admin templates, Lumino has more than enough widgets to get you started. Some of the options that are ready to be deployed to your custom dashboard include calendar, news, progress bar, timeline, chat, and contact form widgets.

When it comes to visualizing data, the selection of chart types in this free Bootstrap admin template is certainly impressive. Line charts, bar charts, pie and doughnut charts, are just some of the options available for presenting your data in style. Even radar and polar area charts are available for those with advanced data visualization needs.

There are also numerous options for working with menus and notification items for your dashboard. With a good set of UI elements, alerts, and panel styles, you should find Lumino an easy template to work with that’s more than up to the task.

Lumino is available as a free download but if you’d like the peace of mind of having access to the support channels, you can purchase a premium license for this admin template.

4. Material Dashboard



Material Dashboard is an admin template that has been inspired by the Google approach to user interface design.

If you choose the Material Dashboard template for your project, not only will your admin area be featuring some of the best practices in user interface design from Google, but you’ll also get access to a great set of tools to help you give your dashboard a custom look.

In fact, with 60 handcrafted components, you should have everything you need to create a unique and fitting dashboard for your website, app, or other projects. Some of those components include essential social media stat displays, graphs and charts in a range of formats, task lists and checkboxes, tables, and many other options. Icons can be used throughout your custom dashboard according to your needs. The available options all look great and follow the Google Material Design guidelines. You can see exactly what’s on offer from this Bootstrap admin template on the Material Dashboard live demo.

Typography fans shouldn’t be disappointed with the font options from Material Dashboard. The classic Roboto font family is used as the default typeface throughout this Bootstrap admin template. Adding notification boxes to your custom design is covered too, thanks to the selection of prebuilt options.

The Pro version of Material Dashboard adds more features and capabilities to the mix. However, for those looking for a free admin template, this version is a great place to start.

5. Ample Admin



Ample Admin is the free-to-use version of the popular Ample Admin Pro bootstrap admin template.

If you’re looking for a free Bootstrap admin template for a personal project, then Ample Admin could be just what you need. This modern handcrafted template includes seven page templates to help you add the essential areas to your dashboard as well as create a useful 404 error page. You’ll also find 10 UI components for adding useful content to your pages, including chat listings, recent comments panels, graphs, charts, and tables.

Ample Admin also provides you with a good selection of Font Awesome icons to help you illustrate your dashboard designs. Example icons you can make use of include spinner and loader icons, form control, currency, directional, and medical icons to name just a few. You’ll also find a useful set of brand icons covering sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Slack. As they’re all mobile responsive, like the rest of your dashboard, these icons will look great on a range of devices and screen sizes.

Google Maps integration is included with the free Ample Admin Bootstrap admin template, making it easy to add interactive maps to your dashboards. You can see how this works for yourself in the live preview of this free admin template on the Ample Admin homepage.

If you like the look of Ample Admin, but need more features and want to use it on a commercial project, then be sure to check out Ample Admin Pro.

6. Paper Dashboard



Paper Dashboard is a popular free Bootstrap admin template that can be easily customized.

Despite being a free dashboard template, Paper Dashboard has a premium quality design. The good mix of colors and fonts will help give your admin area a highly professional look.  The overall design and layout is spacious, giving your cards plenty of room to breathe and helping your users to easily see everything they need to.

As well as the stylish design of Paper Dashboard, this Bootstrap admin template includes a good set of features to help you build the dashboard your project requires. Thanks to the 16 handcrafted components, you should be able to add all the necessary items to your admin area without much effort. Adding maps, tables, and charts to your admin dashboard pages isn’t a problem either with this tool.

Switching colors and fonts is easy with Paper Dashboard. Therefore, if your project already has well-defined branding in place, it shouldn’t take much work to adjust this free template to suit the style of your app or site. Paper Dashboard is fully mobile responsive to ensure your smartphone and tablet users can access the pages as easily as their desktop and laptop counterparts.

While the free version of Paper Dashboard is ready to go, you do have the option of upgrading to the premium Pro version. Doing so increases the number of components from 16 to 160, the plugins from 4 to 15, and example pages from 4 to 25. Paper Dashboard Pro also includes access to the documentation, and the editable SASS and Photoshop files.

Paper Dashboard is a well-rounded free dashboard template with more than enough features to help you get started.

7. Star Admin



Star Admin is not only fully responsive but is also mobile-first, making it highly smartphone friendly.

The pre-built templates in the Star Admin package look great. Their design is fully modern and up to date. Therefore if you’re looking for a free Bootstrap admin template that has the appearance of a premium product, Star Admin should be on your shortlist. As well as the stylish design, Star Admin also comes with a good selection of widgets for your dashboard and other admin pages.

Among the widgets used in the Star Admin templates, as well as the other elements you can add to your pages, you’ll find weather, sales, tickets, and performance history widgets to name just a few. Other elements that you can add to your pages include buttons, forms, tables, and charts. In fact, the charts of Star Admin are a real highlight of this free Bootstrap admin template, thanks to their attractive appearance. The charts can be configured to display data in real time, making your dashboard even more useful to your users. With six types of chart elements to choose from, this could be a good reason to choose Star Admin for your project. There are also lots of icons that can be added to your pages, including notification based icons to display alerts to your users.

If you want to customize the design of these templates, the commented code should simplify the process. The reusable UI components and plugins will help too. However, thanks to the impressive design of the Star Admin templates, you might not need to carry out any customization work at all.

Overall, the free Star Admin template pack is ideal for creating admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management apps, and more.

8. Edmin



Edmin has a good selection of dashboard features and templates to help you add an admin area to your project.

From the main admin dashboard template, your logged in visitors can view any charts you’d like to add to this area. You can also add interactive tables representing your data that your users can filter and search.

From the main dashboard, your visitors can click through to the other optional Edmin templates. Depending on how you set up your dashboard, the next step in the user journey could be checking out the news feed to find the latest updates and information. Jumping to the inbox template is another option, as is heading to the interactive task list.

The library of elements makes it easy to add helpful icons to your user interface. The selection of buttons gives you a good amount of options for adding clickable elements to your pages. Forms can be added too, through the core functionality of the Edmin admin template. The pre-built content templates give you a straightforward way of adding user profile, login, and user listing pages to your site.

Adding dropdown menus to your pages is all part of the standard functionality of Edmin. You can also use notification alerts to let your users know when new messages are available or actions need to be taken. The useful search feature should make it easy for your logged in visitors to find exactly what they are looking for in the admin dashboard area.

Overall, the free Edmin admin template has a professional looking user interface based on the popular flat design style.

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